Often, our own emotions can affect our ability to handle the behaviour of our dogs, and even human family members, at times.  Whilst it is normal to have periods in our lives which are more challenging that others, we can sometimes need a little help to find the light at the end of the tunnel.  During the past 15 years, as a Canine Behaviourist, I have experienced many a situation where the dog guardian needed to work on their own anxiety and stress levels before any real progress could be made with their dog's behaviour modification programme. 

My role is not to give you answers, but to help you identify your emotions attached to the situation, how it is affecting your energy, and even posture, and to empower you, through the use of Touch for Health Kinesiology, to bring your body back into balance.

The issues causing you to feel stressed or anxious do not need to be related to your dog's behaviour.


Touch for Health Kinesiology is a client led, hands on, therapy session which combines Eastern and Western techniques.  This can include traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, massage, nutrition, and chiropractic techniques.  The session can be carried out lay down or standing, and is fully clothed. 

Using muscle monitoring, we use the body's innate ability to identify imbalances within the body and discover the route of the problem, not just addressing the symptoms alone.

I have previously found Touch for Health to be of great benefit when working with dog guardians who are struggling with their own anxieties relating to their dogs behaviour problems, and the behaviour modification process.  It can even be used with clients who are having problems with leadwalking!

Face to Face sessions currently take place in your home and can be carried out stood up or I can bring my folding massage table for you to have the session lay down.  For some problems, the sessions can be conducted sat down.

Step One
Behaviour consultation via Zoom

During this session we look over your behaviour questionnaire, with the session aim being about information gathering, understanding, management, stress reduction, and starting to set foundations for further behaviour modification training.

You will recieve a recording of your session, along with a behaviour summary with a stress reduction programme included, and access to online resources.

Step TWO
Touch for Health Kinesiology Session, for you

This session is all about you and your feelings surrounding the situation that is causing your stress and anxiety.  We sit and talk through the situation, how you are feeling, and do some goal setting.  You will then experience a Kinesiology balance, which is a two way process where we listen to your body.

You will also be shown a few self help techniques to practice when I am not there.

This session takes place in your home, and a suitable space will be required.

Practical Behaviour Modification Session, for your dog

During this session we progress from the tasks given to work on during the Behaviour Consultation, and begin the behaviour modification programme to change your dog's conditioned emotional response to the situation. 

This session takes place in your home or local environment, as required.

Save 20%

Only £184 - A saving of £46

Normal investment is £230

If you wish to have further Touch for Health Kinesiology Sessions, or further behaviour modification sessions, they are £50 per session, or 3 for £135.  Mileage may apply, depending on location.

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