Behaviour Consultations

Online behaviour consultations, offering support and guidance with modifying your dog's behaviour, throughout the UK.


Having worked as Canine Behaviourist within dog rescue, and gaining a BSc (Hons) Canine Behaviour Management over the past decade, I now specialise in working with dogs who have separation anxiety and who display reactive behaviour towards other dogs and people.

Uniquely, I have also trained in numerous holistic therapy fields for dogs, horses, and people, to enable me to offer a truly holistic approach to my work.  As a Reiki Master/Teacher, and in practicing Touch for Health Kinesiology, I have found that this is also of great benefit for dog owners who are struggling with anxieties themselves, enabling them to find a sense of balance and calm before embarking on their dogs behaviour modification journey. 


Behaviour problems can develop at any time and for a variety of reasons.  Many of these reasons are fear and anxiety based, however, pain, ill health or just boredom can be contributing factors.

Living with a dog with a behaviour problem is often stressful and emotionally exhausting for the whole family, sometimes restricting everyday events like popping to the shops, going on walks or having friends over - this may not be an issue for the time being, however, it is a great time to begin working on it.

I take a holistic approach to behaviour consults and can even offer holistic therapies to both owner and dog if required, although this is currently only distance energy work and self help advice from Touch for Health Kinesiology, due to Covid-19.  I aim to help owners understand the reasons for their dogs behaviour and teach the practical skills for safe management and modification of the undesirable behaviour.

Although I work with a variety of behaviour problems, I specialise in reactive behaviour and separation anxiety, having lived with several dogs with these problems, as well as having worked with them.

Initial sessions take place via Zoom, and a recording of the consult is emailed to you, in a folder full of your resources.

You then have the choice between 1 x 60 minute or 2 x 30 minute follow up Zoom session included in the price.

If you wish to have the 60 minute follow up session in person then it is an extra £20, plus mileage if over 10 miles away (or 5 miles if city driving).

Option 1: All online £160

Option 2: Initial online, follow up in-person £180

Additional In-Person Sessions: £60 each or 3 for £150


Living with separation anxiety, and related issues, can be traumatic not only for the dog but for the owners too. 

Having lived with two dogs with different forms of separation anxiety, I know how very difficult that it can be.  Even as a behaviourist, there were tears, there were a LOT of tears!   Now though, I can happily go out for 4 hours and sometimes I even go out all day with a dog sitter visiting for an hour or two midway through.

It is hard, very hard, however, believe me - it CAN be done and you can get there too!  One of the main barriers for people with starting behaviour modification for separation anxiety cases is not leaving the dog to begin with.  Depending on your personal circumstances, this may be the ideal time to begin.

Please click on the button below to be taken to the Separation Anxiety page. 

Clients are invited to join either the Separation Anxiety or Reactive Dog, Support and Resource Groups on Facebook.  These groups contain a lot of useful information, including webinars by other professionals.

ONLINE and Blended (In Person & ONLINE) oPTIONS

Can you really carry out behaviour consults online?  Don't you need to see my dog?  How does that even work?

All these are questions that I have been asked, however, it really is possible.  In some cases it is actually the better option for the dog, especially anxious one, as we aim to keep them calm and relaxed at all times.  

The initial sessions are about information gathering, understanding, management, stress reduction, and starting to set foundations for further behaviour modification training.  Even before the Covid-19 situation, most of this session was spent sat in the clients living room having a conversation.  Occasionally we may go for a walk to observe behaviours, yet for some dogs I would decided that other work was required to reduce stress levels first, before the more practical follow up session.  There really isn't that much difference between carrying out the initial session online or in person, apart from it being safer and saving travelling - which means that distance is no issue.

With separation anxiety clients, there is no need for me to see them in person at all.  Videos can be sent across to be assessed and discussed in the session.  Separation anxiety behaviour specialists have been successfully carrying out remote behaviour consults for years.

Clients are also given access to Google Drive folder, which contains lots of useful information, webinars, and printable resources.  The FREE client resource folder has great value in itself!


I do need to request that all potential clients visit their veterinary surgeon, to rule out pain, injury or ill-health as these can often cause a change in behaviour. Veterinary consults should ideally be carried out before the behaviour modification sessions can begin, although I acknowledge this may not be a possible option for the time being.  

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