January 2021Update

January 2021 Covid Update

After reviewing the most recent government guidelines, and the ‘stay at home’ rules in tier 4, I am going to have to move all training for tier 4 clients to online only until they are moved back into tier 3, as dog training does not fall into one of the essential reasons for leaving your home, especially as it can technically be carried out online.

Training – Tier 4

For existing clients, I will be contacting you all about moving your sessions online as per the covid information on booking, however, if you really do not want to have your sessions online we can postpone them until the tiers are changed.  Depending on where you are in your training course though, I suggest having sessions 2 and 3 as online sessions, as they cover the basics, and then we can put them into practice in the “real world” during sessions 4 to 6 when we can meet again.

For new clients, session one of the Perfect Puppy course is a 2 hour Zoom session as it is mainly theory and setting your dog and yourselves up to succeed.  As above, I also suggest that you then have sessions 2 and 3 as Zoom sessions too and then we can discuss the format of sessions 4 to 6 closer to the time.  The rules may have changed by the time that we get there.

Behaviour – Tier 4

Existing clients - I encourage all clients in Tier 4 to postpone their practical sessions until you drop to Tier 3.  I am willing to offer a FREE 30 minute catch up Zoom in the meantime, if you feel that it is needed.  However, if you are struggling with aggression issues, where there is a certain element of risk to yourself or others, I am willing to discuss carrying out an in person practical.  This will be a very rare exception.  Welcome boxes will be sent to you via the post.

New Clients - All initial behaviour consults are via Zoom as they are not practical sessions.  This will not change.  Clients then usually leave around 3 weeks, sometimes more, before the in person practical session to allow time to put into place everything discussed in the initial behavioural consult.  Hopefully the tiers will have changed by the time you need your in person session.

Separation Anxiety clients – you do not need in person sessions as separation anxiety can all be carried out online, and has been for a long time before Covid.


Training Tier 3 (Worcestershire Clients)

Although I encourage you to move to sessions online, especially for sessions 2 and 3, I am willing to meet in person as long as the Covid safe guidelines are adhered to.  All sessions must be outdoors (not your garden) with one person per household, and 2 meters away from one another.   Initial Puppy/Beginner 2 hour sessions will continue to be via Zoom.

Behaviour Tier 3 (Worcestershire Clients)

Reactive dog clients – I encourage either postponing your practical session until February, or having the session online.  I am willing to offer a FREE 30 minute Zoom catch up if you feel that it is needed.  If you feel that you need your follow up session in person this month then I am willing to meet in person as long as the Covid safe guidelines are adhered to.  All sessions must be outdoors (not your garden) with one person per household, and 2 meters away from one another.   

Separation Anxiety clients – you do not need in person sessions as separation anxiety can all be carried out online, and has been for a long time before Covid.

Woodland Trust Classes

As things stand there will be Woodland Trust classes in Uffmoor Woods again in 2021 however they are postponed until we move back into at least tier 2 in Worcestershire. 

Dog owners in Tier 3 (Worcestershire) please remember to use the outdoor spaces carefully when out with your dogs and try to avoid crowded places or locations outside of your tier.

Dog owners in Tier 4 (Halesowen etc) I feel so sorry for you that you are not allowed to cross over the border to use Uffmoor Woods, or Clent and Walton hills.  I hope that you are able to find lovely walks on your side of the border and continue to enjoy the healing powers of nature.


It truly sucks to live on the border (I have to drive 6-8 miles to go to the shops/bank in Bromsgrove, rather than 2 miles to Halesowen) however, hopefully if we all keep to the rules we will soon be able to return to some sort of normality and get on top of the Covid situation.



In order to keep clients, myself, and all of our friends and families safe during this Covid-19 pandemic, there are certain policies that need to be in place.  By booking any in person service, you will need to agree to keep to this policy.


In Tier 4 all training is to be online only.  For Tier 1-3 please see below.

Please do not attend in person training if you or anyone else in your household as Covid-19 symptoms or you have been told to self isolate.

Please also do not attend if you or someone else in your household has a temperature.

It is important to maintain a 2m distance and if this needs to be reduced for any reason, such as in an emergency, a mask should be worn.

As training sessions are all to be outdoors, masks are currently optional as long as the 2 meter distance is observed.  This may have to change, if government policy means they are required outdoors too.  Please carry one with you, in case the 2 meter distance cannot be observed for any reason, such as emergencies. 

Whilst in Tier 3 there can only be one handler per dog.

In a group situation (Tier 1 and 2), you are asked not to stroke other participants dogs, as they can act as a surface for a short period of time.  The dogs will also not be playing or interacting up close with one another.

When in group sessions (Woodland Trust) there are no toilet facilities, so please prepare for this accordingly. 

It is advised to avoid touching commonly used surfaces, however, if it is necessary, please use hand gel after and wash your hands thoroughly as soon as possible. 

We will not be sharing equipment, so please ensure that you bring all of your own equipment as per instructions for each session.  If working one to one, I may use some of my equipment as long as it is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting thoroughly between clients.

When working 1-2-1 sessions may be in your own garden in Tier 1, as long as government guidelines allow, however, access without walking through the house is preferred.  If I am required to walk through the house, I shall wear a mask and not touch any of the doors or surfaces. In higher tiers we cannot train in your garden.

Tier 1 - Dogs should be on a lead or in a different room for my arrival and we can then set up in the garden according to your situation. 

I will only see a maximum of 3 different sets of clients, either 1-2-1 or groups, in person, during one day, allowing me plenty of time for cleaning or changing clothes if necessary. 

Your details may be required to be given for track and trace purposes as per government guidelines.

If the weather is dire, or you and/or your family are unwell - even with a cold, I would much prefer that you contact me to postpone than risk anyone becoming unwell.  You are not going to be in the right state of mind to be training your dog if feeling under the weather, or if cold and wet, either.  As much notice as possible is appreciated though. 

If I have to self isolate for any reason, I will offer the option of the session being carried out online instead or postponing it until the 14 days are over. 

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