Do you need help to train your dog? 

If so, why not combine a dog walking service with a training session for your dog, to give yourselves a head start?

In a bid to motivate myself to keep fit over winter, I have once again decided to offer the successful training walk service which I offered whilst living in Gloucester.  These walks are 45 minute walks (unless I lose track of time and they get longer) where I take your dog out, in your local area, to work on an agreed training plan.  This may be basic puppy training and obedience, all the way through to anxious and reactive dog behaviour modification walks.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


I have discounted the walks and Zoom sessions down to between £20-25 per session, from my usual hourly 1-2-1 rate, to allow more dog owners to access this service during this difficult period. 

The walk and train service allows you to have an experienced trainer and behaviourist work 1-2-1 with your dog, to give you both the best start possible.

A plan of what you would like me to work on is discussed and I work on this throughout the week.  You are then invited to have a 1-2-1 Zoom video training session where we discuss the training completed and exercises for you to carry out at home.

Walks are roughly 45 minutes in duration, and take place in your home area unless otherwise agreed. 

A Covid-19 dog handover protocol will be in place to ensure the highest level of safety possible to both parties. 

Mileage up to 5 miles away from my address in Romsley, nr Halesowen, is included free of charge.  I will walk dogs up to 10 miles away for an additional mileage fee. 


We first met Helen as a potential dog walker for our Collie X (Myfi) and Labrador (Ethel) We needed someone who was knowledgeable about how to walk reactive dogs and how they should be treated. I was impressed, reassured and confident to leave my two 'tricky' dogs in her hands.

I cannot express enough how grateful we are for her work and support over the next 18 months. She was absolutely brilliant with our Collie who is anxious and reactive to numerous things.

As a result, Myfi's communication, and deferring to us in worrying situations has improved to the point that we are able to attend carefully thought-out Dog Classes run by Correna and Helen for reactive dogs.

I never dreamed we would get that far with Myfi for a number of years. Helen is reliable, honest and great at communicating how the day went and if there were any issues or successes.

Ethel and Myfi adored her!

It goes without saying that we were very sorry to lose her when she relocated. I'm jealous of anyone that gets to employ her now and have this positive, knowledgeable and lovable Dog Walker, Trainer and Behaviourist in their dogs lives.

~ Lauren, Myfi and Ethel, (Gloucester Dog Walking Client) 

Please note: 

These walks will take place in the morning, early morning during the hotter weather, for the welfare of the dog.  Therefore, they are not suitable for those looking specifically for a midday walk.

Please do not make a purchase until we have discussed my availability to take your dog on.  There are limited spaces! 

1 Week - Dog Training Walks - 5 Walks and 1 Zoom Session

£ 150 

5 x 45 minute training walks and 1x Zoom owner training session.

2 Weeks - Dog Training Walks - 10 Walks and 2 Zoom Sessions

£ 283 

10x 45 minute training walks and 2 Zoom owner training sessions

3 Weeks - Dog Training Walks - 15 Walks and 3 Zoom Sessions

£ 396 

15x 45 minute training walks and 3 Zoom owner training sessions

4 Weeks - Dog Training Walks - 20 Walks and 4 Zoom Sessions

£ 480 

20x 45 minute training walks and 4 Zoom owner training sessions

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