We can all suffer from stress and anxiety, however, at the moment it is even more prevalent. 

A dog trainer friend, and one of my Reiki students, suggested that a video may be helpful to people who are struggling at the moment, so I have made a FREE 42 minute webinar for you all to access when needed.

It begins by discussing the current situation that we are in, briefly discussing The Chimp Paradox book, and then introducing Touch for Health Kinesiology, before giving you the Touch for Health Colour Balance, using ESR, self help technique at the half way point (around 19 minutes in).

I hope that you find this webinar interesting and beneficial, and remember that you can use this at any time, not just during Covid-19!

I love how the old celebrations follow the natural cycle of the earth and how we can find positive messages and mindset within the meaning of all of them.  I have decided that I will try to make little meditations for each of them, or at least as many as I can - there are 8 in total.

Today and yesterday, 1st and 2nd February, mark the Pagan or Druid festivity of Imbolc.  Imbolc stands as a halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox and holds the energies of both winter and spring.

The word Imbolc is derived from an Irish word meaning "in belly" as it is when the ewes would hopefully be pregnant with lambs. It is also the festival of Goddess or St. Brigit, and the Christian festival of Candlemass.   Brigit is the pagan goddess of fertility, fertility that isn't just associated with lambs and animal life, but also the life all around us. Despite the hard, cold ground, we will soon begin to notice the shoots of new life slowly pushing through the surface.

It is a time to let go of the past, and look to the future with positivity. It is a time to clear out what no longer serves us, both externally and internally. This may be getting rid of materialistic objects which we no longer use, or it may be about breaking old habits and thought patterns.

On a physiological level, our endocrine and hormonal systems are also in a highly sensitive phase, as our bodies start to prepare for the new season ahead. It is at this time of the year that we can be more vulnerable to colds and immune system problems.

Check this link out for more information on the studies relating to this: The 12 Mount Haemus Lecture..


With having to stay at home at the moment, especially if you are in the shielding group, it can be hard to find things to keep your dogs occupied.

Here is a simple little way to keep your dog amused for quite a while, as well as tire them out from all of that sniffing and foraging. 

If you are looking for something to keep the kids amused then making one of these may kill two birds with one stone.  Some people even make pretty patterns in them!  You may need to cut up the fabric for the children though! 


With firework season fast approaching, in fact I think that we have had a few already, I suddenly realised that it was time to start my Staffie cross on Dorwest Herbs Skullcap and Valerian.  Luckily my other dog isn't bothered by them, unless they are really close.

Here I have made a 30 minute webinar to give you ideas of how to prepare your dog and your home, in advance, and measures to take during the main firework season.

I hope that you and your dog(s) manage to have a stress free firework season as possible. 

Christmas is upon is once again, at the end of what has been a very strange and difficult year for many.

For most, this Christmas will be very different to previous years, and the quietness of Christmas may actually be of benefit to the dogs in the homes.  However, as a behaviourist, I know that Christmas can be a stressful time for dogs, so I have made a short video of considerations and dangers to avoid.

I hope that your Christmas 2020 is as happy and peaceful as possible.


The Woodland Trust approached me back in August to ask if I would be interested in working with them to set up a dog training scheme in Uffmoor Woods, as part of a new "Woods and Wellness" initiative.

Naturally, living practically next door to the woods and loving being amongst the trees, I said yes!

I am so excited about the potential of these session and the changes that they could make to local dog owners and the users of the woods.

To be honest, I am excited by all that the plans that the Woodland Trust have in the pipeline.......... it is all VERY exciting!

The first course will run during Autumn 2020 (October to December), once a fortnight, on a Tuesday.  Weekend sessions may be available during 2021 if enough interest.


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