Blended Learning Dog Training

Initial session via Zoom and follow on sessions in person


The blended learning training option is ideal if you require a more in person approach.

The initial, 2 hour, session is carried out via Zoom and then the subsequent sessions can either all be in person (outdoors) or half on Zoom and half in person (outdoors).  This allows you to receive the same in-depth initial session as you would have pre-Covid, without the risk to either of us that comes with sitting indoors together for two hours.  Sessions 2 and 3 can then be carried out in your garden, as long as it allows for social distancing, and sessions 4 to 6 can be carried out in the local environment (ever changing restrictions dependant)!

Update, May 2021:  I am able to see clients in their gardens again from 17th May.

I will, in limited circumstances, be seeing clients in their home again from 21st June, however, I currently don't plan for this to be the 'norm' until I see how things develop on the Covid front, once everything opens up again. 


Initial session via Zoom

Five in-person sessions

The six week courses offer a comprehensive course to give you all of the skills and knowledge to set yourself and your dog up for a happy and fun life together. 

Session one is via Zoom, as this is the session where we would previously sit and cover most of the theory side of things.  We look at:

  • Setting yourself and your dog up to succeed
  • Exercise, play, rest, and arousal levels
  • Play biting
  • Toilet training
  • Preventing separation anxiety
  • Socialisation, habituation, and confidence building
  • Your health and household activities
  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Nutrition and health
  • Practicing calm and reinforcing good choices
  • Being aware of not reinforcing "naughty" patterns
  • Reinforcement and clicker training (clicker training is optional)
  • Positions - sit, down, stand
  • Self control around food
  • Settle on a mat

Session two is in your garden and we look at:

  • Self control - leaving an item 
  • Loose lead walking (the foundations)
  • Recall games and whistle training
  • Collar
  • Checking in
  • Release word
  • Go to a place

Session three is also in your garden and we look at:

  • Greeting behaviour
  • Stay
  • Wait - doors/gates/cars
  • Self control - food bowl and toys
  • Progressing previous skills

Session four is outside of your home and in your local area, with us covering:

  • Loose lead walking - the next step
  • Processing the world around him/her
  • Distractions
  • Reinforcing good choices
  • Reinforcement type, delivery, and timing
  • Previous skills
  • Possibly some "puppy parkour" or a trick, depending on the puppy.

Session five is usually in a local park and we work on:

  • Calmness 
  • Greeting other dogs and people, and getting permission to do so.
  • Recall
  • Scent games
  • Puppy Parkour
  • Previous skills

Our final session, session six, is usually in a local park and we conclude our training by working on: 

  • Anything that you feel needs extra work
  • Ensuring that you are confident with how to progress skills going forward
  • APDT Good Companion Puppy Award

Although there is a plan to each session, sometimes skills are covered in different weeks, as they come up, or we can add or remove things on a case to case basis. 

You get a lot more content, personal to you, when training on a one to one basis, compared to when attending a group class situation.

Clients are also given access to a Google drive file with a lot of useful resources and are given a welcome pack with some treats, a toy, and a clicker to get you started.

We are able to work towards the APDT Good Companion Puppy Award, and you get a certificate upon passing.


Special new rescue dog price - £265

Proof of rehoming from the rescue charity/organisation will be required for the new rescue dog course discount.

A 4 week (5 hour) puppy course is also available for £225

There is an option to have sessions 2 and 3 via Zoom if you do not have a garden. 

Please be aware that if local restrictions are put into force, meaning that in person training is not possible, or either side has to self isolate, then clients will be given the option of either having Zoom training sessions, or postponing until we can train in person again.

Mileage may be added depending on your location - please check before booking. 


Total Recall Masterclass

Lovely Leadwork Masterclass

Recall and loose lead walking are two of the main challenges that dog owners struggle most with, yet they are two of the most important skills to master, if we are to enjoy our time together.

I can personally say, with my current two dogs, my attitude was very much "if they can settle, come back when called, and don't pull me when on their lead, I don't really care about the rest!"

These four session master classes are designed to give you plenty of skills in your dog training "toolbox" to work towards your dog REALLY wanting to come back to you, and really enjoy working on a loose lead.

Session 1: Approximately an hour and a half Zoom consultation

Session 2: An hour in your garden

Session 3: An hour in a secure paddock (client to book)

Session 4: An hour out in "real life."

All for only £200

These sessions have planned activities however the exact content may vary on a case to case basis to best meet the needs of you and your dog.

Although the course is 4 sessions in length, these do not need to be taken on a weekly basis.  If you would like more time to practice in between sessions then you may opt to have them once a fortnight.

A 4 week puppy course is also available and has a longer initial session.  This, therefore is £225.


Pay as you go training is available for clients who just wish to have assistance with one issue, or would just like to dip into help on an as and when basis.  This is usually the option taken once clients have completed a six week course, however, it is occasionally chosen from the start.

Initial session: 2 hours via Zoom with access to a resource folder and is £90

Follow up sessions: 1 hour in person (outside) and they are £50 per session or 3 for £135

Six week courses are also available for:

Tailor made Beginner Courses


Owner Trained Assistance Dog Foundation Course


Luna and I embarked on our puppy course with Helen when Luna was 12 weeks.

I had previously intended taking her to a group puppy class but I thought that a more bespoke approach might be best as Luna was already well socialised and there wasn't one available over the summer locally.

I wasn't disappointed. It was well worth the investment as the advice has been invaluable.

I had owned dogs previously but not for some years, so this was an excellent way of updating myself on the latest approaches to training as well as to information about feeding, toys and loads of other things.

Helen was a very good teacher and Luna adored her. I'd definitely recommend the puppy course.

Thank you Helen :-)

~ Helen & Luna, Perfect Puppy Course Client


I have recently adjusted my dog training fees to the pricing as the rest of my services, increasing them by £10 per session.  As someone pointed out to me, it isn't as though my knowledge and experience suddenly drops when I am doing a training sessions, rather than a behavioural session, and I still have the same outgoings and CPD required each year. 

As of May 2021, Dog Training and Behaviour, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Reiki and other services will all be priced the same.  This does not include Reiki training courses and online courses, for which the pricing will vary depending on the course and content.  All services are now generally equivalent to £50 per hour with a 10% discount (£45 per hour) when booked in block of 3 sessions or more.  I offer 30 minute sessions for a limited number of services and these are slightly more than 50% of the hourly rate.

For packages, pricing has been calculated based on the content and the above, and often includes bonuses such as online content and a welcome pack for 6 week puppy and beginner courses. 

I do however, as a charity close to my heart, currently give the Woodland Trust a 40% discount on my hourly rate for the work that I do for them.  This, in turn, means that their small group class fees are significantly reduced for clients.  Of course, as with any group setting, you are not getting the same level of personalised training or time.  The Woodland Trust sessions are also not designed for Puppy and Beginner training, which is best provided in a 1-2-1 environment, they are more about the next stage of training with distraction and in a woodland setting.

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