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Our health is one of the most precious and important gifts that we have, and there are so many aspects to consider in order to find our optimum wellness.  Health is not just about the physical, it is also our spiritual, mental, emotional, nutritional and biochemical health.  We need to be able to find a way to have balance within all of these areas if we are to be our healthiest version of ourselves.

As someone with a collection of chronic health conditions, as well as being neurodiverse, I have spent many years, decades even, wishing that things were different, wishing that I didn't feel so bad, even that I was believed, pre diagnoses.  However, it wasn't until I was drawn to Reiki (2009) and then Touch for Health Kinesiology (2012) that my life began to change.  I realised that my health was predominately in my own hands.  Western medicine only looked at the symptoms and often did not join the dots.  It was frustrating that I was getting nowhere, despite having supportive and proactive doctors, physios etc, the same problems just kept occurring.  

I began to understand that although I would always have the health conditions that I was diagnosed with, that there is no magic cure, there were steps that I could take to manage and improve my health - vastly improve my health.  This took me along a path of research, understanding and, at times, amazement.  

My own journey to health, and a history of working in various human care related fields, has resulted in me having a passion for human health and wellbeing and being able to help others upon their path to wellness.  I aim to empower you and give you the ability to take your health into your own hands too.


Touch for Health Kinesiology is a client led, hands on, therapy session which combines Eastern and Western techniques.  This can include traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, massage, nutrition, and chiropractic techniques.  The session can be carried out lay down or standing, and is fully clothed. 

Using muscle monitoring, we use the body's innate ability to identify imbalances within the body and discover the route of the problem, not just addressing the symptoms alone.

I have previously found Touch for Health to be of great benefit when working with dog guardians who are struggling with their own anxieties relating to their dogs behaviour problems, and the behaviour modification process.  It can even be used with clients who are having problems with leadwalking!

Sessions currently take place in your home and can be carried out stood up or I can bring my folding massage table for you to have the session lay down.  For some problems, the sessions can be conducted sat down.


Reiki is a fantastic, calming, therapy which is often used within the NHS and many animal rescues.  Once seen as "new age" or "hippy", the benefits of Reiki have been scientifically studied, within humans, and can be explained by the use of physics. 

Reiki can be carried out with hands on or off a client, or even at a distance.  During a session the client can be lay down or sat and the sessions are fully clothed.

Occasionally, crystals and other "healing tools" such as sound therapy may be used within a session.

With distance energy work sessions, or "Advanced Energy Balances" as I call them, I use a wider range of techniques, including those from the Chinese 5 elements, whilst sending energy therapy to the client.

Face to Face sessions currently take place in your home and can be carried out seated, lay on a reclining chair or deckchair, or I can bring my Reiki (massage) table if there is room.

CNHC Registered - Reiki


Sometimes, before we can begin to successfully begin to support our dogs through a behaviour modification programme we need to work on our own anxieties.  I have found that, for some dog guardians, a Touch for Health Kinesiology balance at the beginning of their Canine Behaviour Modification programme can really make a huge difference.  To find out more, please follow the link below: 

Horse Riders

When riding, or working with, horses we often turn up with a lot of emotional baggage and even anxieties.  This can affect everything from our mood, the energy that the horse is picking up on, and our behaviour, to our physical posture and the way we ride.  Touch for Health Kinesiology can help with emotions, anxieties, and creating a more balanced and coordinated physical body.  To find out more, please pop to the Horse area of the website using the link below. 

Session Fees

All  services will be available for £50 per session, in person.

Mileage added after 5 miles from my home address.

30 minute Reiki / Advanced Energy Work sessions are £30 per session and I am open to discuss corporate discounts for workplace sessions.

Distance/Online sessions are £30.

Distance / Online Sessions

Standard Distance Reiki BalANCE

 I often find that distance Reiki sessions can be much more powerful than in person.  It is almost as though it is intensified through time and space.

We arrange a time when you can be at home, and relaxed, and then I sit and focus on sending you or your animal Reiki.

I work via photo connection, so a photograph of the recipient will be required.

5 eLEMENT rEIKI Distance Balance

For a long time, I had been doing something a little more than standard Reiki when I did distance energy sessions, but I wasn't quite sure what to call it.

Over time, and with my TfH training, I realised that I was using much of the 5 Element approach, so decided that is what I should call it.

During these sessions, I used a range of techniques from my other therapy training experience and carry out a session as I would in person, but energetically via a "surrogate."


I was recently asked by one of my clients if I could provide Spiritual/Energy work discussions via Zoom, so am currently offering this as an option whilst unable to run Reiki and Advanced Energy Work training courses.

I have also set up a Reiki and Advanced Energy Work Facebook group for clients/students where I plan on sharing videos and possibly Facebook Lives on spiritual matters.


We may not be able to do a full body balance at the moment, however there are lots of self help techniques that I can provide, plus the process of "goal setting" where we look to discover the route of emotions attached to a situation.

Also, why not check out the FREE video that I made at the start of Covid, which can be found under the FREE ADVICE tab in the navigation. 


I am currently looking at offering my Reiki training courses in a blended learning format.  These will consist of the "theory" and meditation side of the course carried out online, via Zoom, and the attunements carried out in person on a 1-2-1 basis, or with other participants within the same household/bubble.

Options available will be:

  • Reiki for People
  • Reiki for People and Dogs
  • Reiki for People and Horses 
  • Reiki for People and Animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits)
  • Rainbow Reiki for Children (a course especially designed for children to participate in)

The courses will all be designed inline with the National Operating Standards, and the requirements for joining The Reiki Association and CNHC should you wish to apply for assessment as a Verified Reiki Practitioner,with The Reiki Association. 

Please do get in touch to express your interest and find out further information.



After the subject of Reiki popping up in various areas of life over MANY years, I was lucky enough to meet Helen through our work with dogs.

We had a long conversation about LOTS of topics, and I felt a real connection with her. She has an amazing skill set as a dog trainer and holistic therapist. These areas of work are maybe not obviously connected, but I am convinced that we can enhance our scientific approach to animal training by a using an holistic approach.

I was keen to learn more, and when Helen invited me to attend her Reiki course, I couldn't resist.

The course was fascinating, and gave me a really good insight into the whole subject of Reiki ranging from the history, through some science to self practise and beginning to work with animals. The weekend was strangely relaxing for a course!

We were sent away with homework to develop what we learned during the weekend, and I am keen to attend the next course that Helen offers.

I would recommend it to anyone interested either in Reiki itself, or in self development, or in a new addition to your tool kit for working with animals.



Helen has an exceptional talent to help animals and their guardians to heal, regain confidence and maintain optimal health.

She has a unique and wonderful understanding of animals and their needs. If the animal appears to have a behavioural issue, Helen is able to pinpoint and heal the cause - paving the way for a more loving and understanding partnership between the animal and their guardian.

Thank you Helen! I can't recommend you enough for all that you do!


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