I am a strong believer in creating balance within and building firm foundations, making sure that the individual feels safe, valued, and loved, before we even attempt to move on to focus on change and growth.  With people, this includes learning to love oneself, for the beautiful, strong, and capable individuals that we all can be. 

I have over 20 years experience of working with both people and animals professionally, in the human care and animal care industries, as well as lecturing and working as a behaviourist within rescue.

I hold an honours degree in Canine Behaviour Management, and a Work Based Diploma in Horse Care, and am currently completing an equine behaviour qualification, having first done groundwork training with horses nearly 15 years ago.   Over the past decade, I have trained in Reiki (Master/Teacher level) and Touch for Health Kinesiology, as well as numerous CPD therapy courses and animal applications of energy work, body work, and herbal choices.

I combine all of my experience, knowledge, and understanding, to give you a truly holistic and personalised experience, to meet the needs of you, your family, and/or your canine and equine companions.

Blended Learning and Online BEHAVIOUR, Training, and therapies

Offering the same behaviour consultations as before, with the initial session being via Zoom video conferencing.  Follow up sessions can then be either online or in person, depending on the behaviour problem and individuals needs.

Dog Training

I offer a range of dog training services, including Blended Learning (Zoom and In Person) or Online One to One training courses, and a NEW dog training scheme with the Woodland Trust, in Uffmoor Wood, Halesowen. 

Check out the Perfect Puppy Course to give you and your new pup the best possible start.


Reiki is a wonderful therapy, which brings balance to the body and all of it's systems and is now used within the NHS and animal shelters.  Touch for Health Kinesiology focuses on creating balance within your body using a combination of techniques. 


Helen Gerard - United Wellbeing


I have been assessed, and passed, membership tests and requirements to become a full member of the following professional organisations.  As part of my membership, I am required to complete a certain amount of CPD each year.  This allows clients to know that members are keeping their knowledge up to date, as well as following guidelines relating to practice standards.

APDT Membership Number: Helen Gerard 01074




Helen has an exceptional talent to help animals and their guardians to heal, regain confidence and maintain optimal health.

She has a unique and wonderful understanding of animals and their needs. If the animal appears to have a behavioural issue, Helen is able to pinpoint and heal the cause - paving the way for a more loving and understanding partnership between the animal and their guardian.

Thank you Helen! I can't recommend you enough for all that you do!



I first met with Helen on a private one to one basis in March 2015.  Then I had a 1 year old Black Labrador who had more bounce to the ounce!

Helen was Patient and Kind and through positive reward based training and a change of diet my bouncy juvenile young lab grew into a calm patient family pet.

With Helens guidance we also qualified as a working Assistance Dog team in summer 2016 with Dog A.I.D 

~ Anna & Bumble

Helen has been excellent, and I have received lots of compliments on Shadow's behaviour when we are out together. In fact, we have been asked quite a bit for our trainer's details which we have passed on.  We started training with Helen in September and have already seen amazing progress with Shadow. The training methodology centers around positive reinforcements and is fun for both owner and dog. Oppose to other training schools we have been to, Helen respects the learning style of the dog and their individual personalities. 

~ Hannah and Shadow 


After the subject of Reiki popping up in various areas of life over MANY years, I was lucky enough to meet Helen through our work with dogs.

We had a long conversation about LOTS of topics, and I felt a real connection with her. She has an amazing skill set as a dog trainer and holistic therapist. These areas of work are maybe not obviously connected, but I am convinced that we can enhance our scientific approach to animal training by a using an holistic approach.

I was keen to learn more, and when Helen invited me to attend her Reiki course, I couldn't resist.

The course was fascinating, and gave me a really good insight into the whole subject of Reiki ranging from the history, through some science to self practise and beginning to work with animals. The weekend was strangely relaxing for a course!

We were sent away with homework to develop what we learned during the weekend, and I am keen to attend the next course that Helen offers.

I would recommend it to anyone interested either in Reiki itself, or in self development, or in a new addition to your tool kit for working with animals.



We love Helen! Totally on it when it comes to owner training! Couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Monty loves the sweetie lady too!!

~ Tania & Monty

Luna and I embarked on our puppy course with Helen when Luna was 12 weeks.

I had previously intended taking her to a group puppy class but I thought that a more bespoke approach might be best as Luna was already well socialised and there wasn't one available over the summer locally.

I wasn't disappointed. It was well worth the investment as the advice has been invaluable.

I had owned dogs previously but not for some years, so this was an excellent way of updating myself on the latest approaches to training as well as to information about feeding, toys and loads of other things.

Helen was a very good teacher and Luna adored her. I'd definitely recommend the puppy course.

Thank you Helen :-)

~ Helen & Luna


I had an unexpected incident yesterday and was very pleased with Lloyd.

I was clay shooting, and as I had Lloyd with me, whilst I shoot one of my squad holds Lloyd's lead. I had just come off the shooting stand and Lloyd was being held by my friend, when behind them suddenly was a snappy terrier who was about 6 foot away.

The terrier snarled and Lloyd turned, one woof and turned away, never pulled the lead and my friend noted how well Lloyd had been. The terrier was been pulled away snarling and lurching on it's harness.

The thing I was most impressed with was that Lloyd did things on his own as I was near but not on the other end of the lead.

So he has learnt how to react on his own, and does not always need me for guidance. The others in the squad know of Lloyd's training and were also impressed.

This to me shows that the reactive rover course has helped Lloyd to deal with his issue and is a much more passive and less bothered with other dogs.

~ Graham & Lloyd


We first met Helen as a potential dog walker for our Collie X (Myfi) and Labrador (Ethel).

We needed someone who was knowledgeable about how to walk reactive dogs and how they should be treated. I was impressed, reassured and confident to leave my two 'tricky' dogs in her hands. I cannot express enough how grateful we are for her work and support over the next 18 months.

She was absolutely brilliant with our Collie who is anxious and reactive to numerous things.  As a result, Myfi's communication, and deferring to us in worrying situations has improved to the point that we are able to attend carefully thought-out Dog Classes for reactive dogs. I never dreamed we would get that far with Myfi for a number of years.

Helen is reliable, honest and great at communicating how the day went and if there were any issues or successes. Ethel and Myfi adored her!

It goes without saying that we were very sorry to lose her when she relocated. I'm jealous of anyone that gets to employ her now and have this positive, knowledgeable and lovable Dog Walker, Trainer and Behaviourist in their dogs lives

~ Lauren, Myfi & Ethel

Woodland Trust Sessions

I really enjoyed the training sessions and so did my dog! Helen was very patient and gave me some great tips to help improve my ability to walk my dog safely on the lead.

~ John and DooDoo




I am currently guardian to two dogs, one of who is a rescue, the other a rehome, both due to behavioural problems they had.  Dale, the Staffie x Boxer, had spend most of his life in rescue and was struggling with separation issues and aggressive behaviour towards people, when too stressed.  Doodles, the Shih-Poo, had the worst case of separation anxiety that I have seen and, after being attacked by neighbours dogs, he also developed anxiety around other dogs.  I am now able to leave both of the boys for several hours without any problems. 

Prior to this, I have lived with a mongrel called Kelly, followed by two working sheep dogs (collies) called Tess and Dylan (I started training dogs, 23 years ago, when we brought Tess home), then Bonnie, a collie who I think had some rough collie in her.  While working at Dogs Trust, in 2009, I then rehomed Mac, the Parson Jack Russell, who had severe dog reactivity and resource guarding toys, successfully integrating him in to living with other dogs.

Taking on rescue and rehomed dogs, due to their behavioural problems, really helps me to understand and empathise with the struggles that dog owners go through when living with dogs with such problems.  It is not only distressing for the dogs, it can be a very stressful and emotional journey for the owners too.  Hopefully, the support I offer can help though. 


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